Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Food Drive Poster Ideas!

Anyone who knows us should know we have a love of service and especially at our local food bank! I’ve been working with our local church congregations’ Season of Service and making posters to get the word out and inspire others! The photos for these posters are copyrighted to a friend of mine but feel free to make your own versions! These were really great to share online with friends!! In addition to the finished posters I’m including several that are unfinished ideas, and some other puny ideas I’ve yet to get to paper.

For church we printed these as large posters, regular sized paper print-offs that were posted randomly around the church buildings and classrooms with new ones added each week, printed small versions to put onto bags handed out to neighbors, shared them on FB with a link to the main website or to a virtual drive on the food bank website, and included a QR code for those who wanted to donate quickly to the virtual fund. My emphasis was that EVERYONE can help.

If it’s One Can, One Dollar, One Minute (to ask a friend or share a link), or One Prayer

Anyone and everyone can help fight hunger!!

Like our ideas? Give us a High-five by donating to our Virtual Food drive!

$1 donated=$10 worth of food! (Click below!)

Schnegel-stuff Virtual Food Drive

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These are unfinished samples with photos from online. Again, just ideas so don’t use these directly.

2015 Schnegel-stuff.blogspot.comflour power (Medium)  Fruits (Medium) ketchup now (Medium) luv and pamper (Medium) one can sample (Medium) Souper Day (Medium) Relish (Medium) over 9000 (Medium) that Thyme again (Medium) spread the word (Medium) why wait sample (Medium)


Food Drive Puns not yet on Paper!!

(possibilities here are endless! please share with me if you have more to add!)


  • (three jars of Thyme with center one labeled with food drive name) It’s that THYME again!!
  • (pic of Home Storage or Preserves) Give what you CAN!!
  • (using Hunger Games font & stacks of canned food) Hunger is No Game! Let’s Stack the Cans in their favor!
  • (pic of cans sitting on a shelf – some sort of fish?) Now’s not the time to be SHELF-ish (shellfish) – Let’s clean out those pantries and get this food to someone who needs it today! (I need an extra pun in this one to counter the shelfish…any suggestions?)
  • (can of soup with a cape) Be someone’s SOUP-er Hero!
  • (boxes or piles of pasta) PASTA cans please! (or) Helping others get PASTA hunger (or) Get PASTA your reservations and show you’re STROGANOFF!! (or) Time to ROTINI your pantry items and donate some cans today! (or) Thank you FIORI your help!
  • CEREAL PUNS - (boxes of cereal, or a bowl of Alpha-Bits (do those even exist anymore?) spelling Stop Hunger, or piles of cereal, etc.) Already donated cans? You know you can always be a CEREAL Giver!! Donate S’MORE(s) today! (or) We’re not doing this just for KIX! (or) (Box of LIFE cereal, lemons, and packs of Lemonade) When LIFE gives you LEMONS, help make LEMONADE! (or) (Bowl of Life cereal) Help others have LIFE, to it’s fullest (or) Something about Giving helps us all be CHEERIO (or) (Cap’n Crunch) It’s CRUNCH time!! Bring your donations today! (or) Giving today CHEX that off your list! (or) Being a CEREAL giver is DYNO-BITES!! (or) FIBER ONE – Hunger Zero (or) “HONEY-COMB through our pantry and find some cans to share.” (or) Make Hunger QUAKE in it’s boots… (or) (box of Total squishing the word hunger) TOTAL annihilation!
  • (Box of Cream of Wheat w/a D over the C in cream) Help those who can only DREAM OF WHEAT.
  • MISC FOOD PUNS – Service and You! A Perfect PEAR. (or) (someone donating bags of veggies – lettuce/tomatoes) Feeling good from my HEAD TOMATOES! (or) ORANGE you glad you helped? (or) Thank you BERRY much! (or) (bananas) Service is so apPEELing!! (or) Service – Giving it OLIVE you’ve got! (or) Food Drive? BEAN there, BUN that! (or) An APPLE a Day keeps Hunger Away! (or) Give today, CHERRY them up tomorrow! (TOMALE?) (or) (checklist with Food Drive on it) What’s on your HONEYDEW list? (or) LIME up to give! (or) Haven’t dropped off your donations yet? TAMALE will be too late! (or) Think hunger is no BIG DILL? Help those in a PICKLE by giving today! (or) If you think Hunger is NACHO problem then we need to TACO (or) RAISIN the bar (or) Tired of these CHEESY pun posters? Then do something GOUDA today! (or) Practice what you PEACH! (or) You CANNOLI do what you CAN so find your way to serve today! (or) Save the DATE! Our drop off time is next week! (or) Let the BEET drop – it’s time to JAM! (or) Don’t let them think we don’t CARROT all! (or) This Food Drive is on a ROLL! (or) MEATing Hunger at it’s source (or) (pic of flour egg & milk) BATTER UP – Let’s mix things up a little… (or) You did it! Time to CELE(ry)BRATE!! (or) (banana) Just FRU IT (or) Lemon-AID (or) (picture of random veggies and fruits) Not sure what to give? PICK any one of these! (or) Don’t just STALK hunger, e-RADISH-cate it! (or) Not helping to fight hunger is a huge MISSED STEAK! (or) (pic of lettuce in center) LETTUCE Eat! (or) (pic of someone donating rolls) How we ROLL! (or) Tired of these CORNY food drive posters? Help us cover their veg-TABLE with food! (or) I’ve got a GRAPE idea! Let’s help with the food drive! (or) PEAS on Earth, Good FOOD to man! (or) Let no MAN-GO hungry! (or woman or child!) (or) (watermelon & cauliflower) Need a boost to get out of your MELON CAULI? Join us in service! (Bag of chips going into a donation bin or bag) CHIP in!!
  • (pic of a can of Turnips and 2 cans of Beets in a bowl of lettuce) LETTUCE TURNIP two BEET Hunger!
  • (S.O.S. spelled with food or silverware and an empty plate) S.O,S. Season Of Service (or) Let’s answer their S.O.S.
  • (pic of trophy made from cans and spoons) Winning the Fight against Hunger! (or) (trophy with cape) Thanks for being a SOUPer Hero! (or) Be someone’s SOUPer Hero!


  • CHRIST CENTERED IDEAS - (picture of Christ reaching out to heal someone with or without a pic of volunteers with their hands together in the center) Redefining the word HAND OUT, let’s give as Jesus gave! (or) (Containers of Seasonings and maybe red/green background or glitter, etc) JESUS is the Reason for the SEASON (or) (some sort of food spelling stop hunger and a scripture talking about giving, serving, feeding (the 5000?), pic of loaves & fishes?, etc.) …FEAST on the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do. – 2 Nephi 32:3


Friday, February 21, 2014

Because my kids need a reminder… {How To’s for the Bathroom}

I made these signs several years ago and have updated them as necessary. I usually laminate them and hang them in the bathroom. – Did you know that a laminated sheet of paper will stick by itself to the shower wall with just a tiny bit of water? Even after the shower is dry it will stay up. Just wipe it down when you wipe down the shower stall, stick it back up, and it will hang forever!

How to Take a Shower ©2014

How to Brush your Teeth ©2014

How to Use the Bathroom - Don't forget! ©2014

How to Use the Bathroom - Don't forget! ©2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 12 MONTHS of Christmas!

12 Months of Christmas - Celebrating Christ All Year Long

I remember the moment vividly. It was January 1st and I’d just gotten home from dropping off the last homemade Christmas gift that was obviously late in delivery. I’d walked into the living room with full intent on putting away the tree and found my husband had already done so. With a shout of pure joy I shouted YAY! Christmas is officially DONE!! It had been a long and rough month. December is packed full of 10,000 wonderful and inspiring things to do. We have 3 family birthdays the first week and that first weekend also has the town parade (we used to try to be in or see), lighting of the town tree & visiting Santa, the Community Christmas Celebration (our Stake Nativity display of which I’ve been the Ward rep for several years), the making of the chocolate Nativity for said Celebration, Ward activities, getting in the true Spirit of Christmas, starting my shopping I’ve put off until now, getting gifts prepared for 2 (possibly more) different family parties, decorating our home, school celebrations, service, and a billion other things I just love but don’t have enough of ME to do. This year someone I care about had a situation that had nothing to do with the season but that needed my support and would end up taking weeks to calm down. My lack of Christmas Spirit was weighing on me and I tried to FORCE Christmas into the small moments I had left despite exhaustion and frustration. Truth be told. Our Christmas stunk. My kids were none the wiser but I was DONE. And then in that moment of shouting for Joy I was filled with HORROR. How could I be thankful for the best time of the year and a time to focus on Christ being OVER. Never again would I be thankful for Christmas being over and I was going to start earlier this year. How early? How about NOW. January 1st. So here, for whatever you want to use it for, I present the 12 MONTHS of Christmas!

(I’d love to say that this is all planned out and ready for you here to print off and just present at your next Family Home Evening but it’s not. I actually feel it’s too personal to just say it should be done one way and maybe what your family needs and is prompted to do is going to be far different from my family’s experiences. So, I’m presenting to you a concept and my own thoughts and notes and, if you’d like to join us in our Year Long Celebration, letting YOU run with it! Also, my ideas are very obviously full of themes that go with my faith but I pray that those of all faiths will find joy in celebrating all year with us even if their individual interpretations and activities vary from mine. Again, this is an individual activity!)

Concept: Each month focus on one part of the Nativity Scene slowly building a full Nativity that, of course, ends in Christ at Christmas! You could display a Nativity piece each month or print off digital ones like the kinds you can find here on Etsy. Online I was able to find a few similar ideas (focusing on parts of the nativity scene) that are put into the 12 days of Christmas. You can check them out here and here. I looked at the Nativity Song the kids recently sang in Primary and kind of went in that direction. You could always shuffle these around to match up with holidays from those months. We’ve been focusing on the STAR this month and if you ask me I can tell you about the amazing things that have come from it. :)

Here are the 12 we’re doing (and a fun order suggested by my amazing SIL that almost follows the story as laid out in the Scriptures!) and my thoughts on different things we can talk about each month. PLEASE share your ideas and let me know if you chose to use other items!

  1. star - The Spirit (following promptings), family history (searching for someone), being an example (Light within, Light of Christ, Letting our light shine that men may see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven) Prophets/prophecy (the sign of the star was foretold) -New Year/New Star (January)
  2. angel - Missionary work (proclaiming the Gospel), Joy (rejoicing), Song (music, talents) Restoration (Angel Moroni) – My SIL suggested a fun play on Cupid here and the more serious thought of the Angels bringing Joy and Love (February)
  3. Shepherds - Christ (the great Shepherd), Missionary work (leading them home) Visiting Teaching/Home Teaching (helping and teaching others) Being watchful (safety, recognizing evil when we see it, listening to the messages we’re given, RUNNING to truth and rejoicing in it) Being Humble – (March)
  4. Sheep - Christ (Lamb of God) Sacrifice (giving of ourselves, callings) Ordinances (taking the sacrament) - would this be a good one for EASTER (April)
  5. Mary - Motherhood (helping Mothers or pregnant women) Birth (personal history, Rebirth/born again) Relief Society (women in the church, service) Marriage/family (loving your spouse, giving to our children, togetherness, love) - Mother's Day (May)
  6. Joseph - Fathers (hard work, step fathers - loving those who are in our lives but not of our DNA, Heavenly Father, Christ, the bishop) Service (for our Dad's, for others) Family History work (Turning our hearts to our Fathers) Patriotism (our Fore Fathers) Marriage (focusing on our spouse, putting them above ourselves) Work (working hard for a living, being honest in our taxes) Callings (doing what we’re asked when it’s hard) - Father's Day (June)
  7. stable - helping the less fortunate (homeless), FHE (Spirit in our Home, Love at Home - Valentines (Feb)?), Gospel principals (Building a firm foundation) Temple (temple worship, House of the Lord) Organization/Cleanliness – Freedom/Home (July)
  8. Manger/Hay - Preparedness/food (emergency preparedness, food storage, warmth of the Spirit, Word of Wisdom), Scriptures (feast up on the Word) – you could add Swaddling Clothes here and/or do it later. It kind of goes with the theme. – (August)
  9. Cattle/Oxen (camel/donkey) - Work (service, around our home, appreciating the value of work) Animals (creation, service at animal shelter, caring for them, appreciating them) Companionship (friendship, warmth, giving) – (September)
  10. 3 Wise men - Education (learn something new, what is Wisdom?) Travel (going the extra mile, learning about other people in other places or how we are different yet the same) Holy Spirit (following the Spirit, recognizing promptings) Personal study (spiritual preparedness, they were versed in the scriptures and knew the signs to look for and followed them) Heeding warnings (patriarchal blessings, following the Spirit, trusting church leaders) Faith (Faith in Action) – (October)
  11. Gold/Frankincense/Myrrh - Gifts (Gift of the Holy Ghost, Gifts of the Spirit, Golden Plates, give of ourselves, thank yous for the gifts we've been given spiritually and physically from others, work on Christmas presents, evaluate the kinds of gifts we give) Finances (tithing, budgeting) – focusing on Gifts/gratitude for Thanksgiving (November)
  12. Christ - no description needed (December)

So, these are literally my quick notes I jotted down as they came to me and there’s probably some obvious ones I’ve missed or some big meanings that will strike me later (or that you’ll share with me PRETTY PLEASE). Again, I think this is a personal activity and my ideas may be far from the way you do it. You may want to study the historical sides of these items or find scriptures that go with each and stories. So far we’ve been going on promptings and ideas that come to us in the moment and then trying to recognize the things that are relevant as they cross out path. (We had 2 songs in Sacrament meeting this week that had to do with Light and even the Star and have had multiple experiences this month that tied directly to LIGHT and the idea of the Star so amazingly well that I know it was inspired. No lie, at one moment when I was recognizing such a connection Twinkle Twinkle Little Star started playing on the TV (it was sung by monkeys but it was well timed none the less!). Maybe you’ll do Family Home Evenings about it or maybe you’ll just contemplate it’s meaning yourself but my hope is that our family (and yours) will be much better off this coming Christmas season because we’ve done all that we were meant to do all throughout the year and instead of trying to force it all into one month we will already have the Spirit of CHRISTmas with us as we start off and all will be well.

After all, He’s not just the reason for “the Season”! and I can now say YAY! Christmas is NEVER over!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wooden Canvas Silhouettes

The best part of this project for me? I didn’t find it on Pinterest! I Made It Up! lol That may sound silly but in a world of information at our fingertips I get a real sense of satisfaction at coming up with my own ideas!

Here’s what I started with… $5 wooden canvases from Wal-Mart. I actually paid under $5 for mine.

© 2014

I also bought some of these for a backing. The small pine boards were on clearance for $1.29.


I previously took silhouette pictures of the kids outside by the garage door for good contrast. (I’ve blurred him post picture just for privacy. Your silhouette picture should be as sharp as possible for the best definition.) I also cropped the original photo to cut down on the area I needed to edit.

© 2014

Then to Photoshop… (you could use most any editing program. I often use a free one called

Load photo into Photoshop and pick Quick Selection Tool

how to quick select

If your contrast is good then your wand should easily (very easily) select the outline of the silhouette. You can fine tune the line if needed. Mine did pretty good in one try.

how to magic wand

Select the paint brush in a very large size (to save time) and choose black paint. Then paint over the silhouette. It will only cover the parts highlighted.

how to black

Once the black is filled in, choose to Select Inverse to highlight the background of the photo.

how to inverse

Then repeat the previous step with white as your paint color.

How to white part

Save your finished photo. I then loaded it into Word, reversed it (I’m going to use the stencil on the back of the canvas), selected how tall I wanted it to be (about 8.5 inches since it’s a 10inch canvas with 3/4 in border).  I then printed it out!

how to PS finished                  how to in Word

I trimmed my stencil and taped it onto the back of the wooden canvas. I set the neck line just under 4 inches from the front of the frame to ensure the wooden pine board I selected as a background would completely cover the hole. I traced it with a pencil and then traced over the indention left in the wood so I could see it better.

© 2014      © 2014

This is where it gets complicated and scary. In my mind we had the right tool to just cut this out. But we didn’t. So, before I found what we finally used I easily cut the silhouette down to this with a box cutter. Be careful, the wood splinters very easily. Next my hubby and I used a dremel tool and the box cutter to grind the wood as close to the line as possible and kind of whittle in the details. Good sandpaper took care of the rest.

© 2014      © 2014

I then gave the final a base coat of white acrylic. A light sanding would definitely help (either before or after the painting). If/when I make my own set (these were a gift) we may either gloss coat them in black or maybe even stain the two wooden surfaces with different wood stains. You could modge podge them, write on them, possibilities are endless.

© 2014      © 2014

I set the pine board behind it and it will eventually be painted black for this project but there are many options here. You could cover it in fabric, modge podge on some writing or photos, or leave it out entirely. The wall color would show from behind and a light could even be placed inside to accentuate the silhouette.

© 2014     © 2014

With my hubbies help (and amazing woodworking skills in the face of bad tools) we were able to make 4 of these in only a few hours.

© 2014