Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Hands–a Mother’s Day poem from grown up kids…

I wrote this poem for my mom a couple of years back and added the handprints of my adult siblings so she could hang it on her fridge.  She LOVED it! (It’s still hanging there today!) – the poem below the pic is a bit updated and slightly different from the original.

My Hands – By Christy

These hands are not as tiny

As they were so long ago

What once left dirty fingerprints

Has now had time to grow

It didn’t happen all at once

It happened day by day

Watching your hands out to serve

And folded when you pray

Hand that rarely were your own

Always working hard for us

Hands that always kept us safe

Hand we knew that we could trust

Serving, tying, pushing, brushing

Pulling, writing, drawing, mixing

Cooking, washing, changing, flushing

Scrubbing, loving, holding, fixing

These tiny little baby hands

You held before they’d grown

Now hold the little baby hands

Of children of their own

And so I want to thank you

On this, your Mother’s Day

For all you did to help my hands

Love my kids in your same way

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